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Festival Band Soul Vaccination

Soul Vaccination was founded 20 years ago in Groningen Holland. 12 musicians with big love for the West Coast Funk & Soul style (sometimes a little latin style). Complicated grooves, soulful voices en clever horn licks define the sound of this band. Only original compositions inspired by the music of James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire and Tower Of Power.
They recorded 4 CD’s and played on almost every stage in the Netherlands. They were heard on several radio stations all over Europe and the world.

Info? Call Marco Kerver: +31 6 51841043

The Passion Of Composing

There is nothing more special than writing music in the serenity of your home, thinking of the way it will sound on a big stage. But music does not exist if it is not being played by great musicians. You can write the best songs, if not carried out no one will know. If, on the other hand,  the band treated your songs in a beautiful way and musicians add ideas to the music, then 1 + 1 can be more than 2. In that respect, Soul Vaccination is a platform for composers of the band. Along with the musicians, the composers can scrape their songs to reach. That concept has led to more than 80 songs in the last 20 years.  We are proud of that legacy.

The Thrill Of Recording

The magic of a studio where everything seems to be and where ideas come to reality, is perhaps the most beautiful and creative process for a band. The expectations created after playing the different tracks, the additional ideas, omitting instruments, does all the participants of the project longing for the final mix. The existence of Soul Vaccination has led to four wonderful CDs where that process was experienced intense. Long evenings of redoing the final mix, listen to the mix in different cars and talk with eachother over ways to enhance the overal sound, are burned in the memories of the bandmembers. Recording is creating history!!

The Kick Of Performing

The main reason of the existence of Soul Vaccination is of course the live performing. It is a feast to stand with such a great and swinging band on a main stage of a big festival. The interaction between the musicians themselves, enjoying a great and enthusiastic audience, and the overall atmosphere during festivals make every gig with this soulband historical. The combination of swinging and improvised music make this band great to finish a superb jazz festival. The fun and joy of the musicians while playing is an inspiration for every visitor of your venue. And applies to all band members: “Entourage is more important than remuneration”. We simply love to play our music.