kara baby cleansing wipes for skin

Amazon.com: baby wipes for sensitive skin- kara baby cleansing wipes for skin ,Medline - ULTRASOFT1013 Ultrasoft Dry Baby Wipes, Gentle Disposable Cleansing Cloths, 500 Count, Dry Wipe Size is 10 x 13 inches, Great for Sensitive Skin and can be used as Baby Washcloths, Incontinence Wipes, Makeup Wipes8 Best Kara Skin Care Facial Wipes: Reviews, Demo, PriceAll I do is use my Kara Cleansing wipes which help to remove every layer of dust, oil, grime and impurities from my skin. It does remove the (light) base makeup easily but if you have thick layer of base makeup, I suggest you use a layer of baby oil and then use this face wipe.