how to make cloth diaper wipes

How To Clean Cloth Diapers - 5 Easy Steps- how to make cloth diaper wipes ,How To Clean Cloth Diapers: First, knock solids into the toilet. Toss all of your diaper covers, inserts, cloth wipes, and diaper pail/ liner into the wash. Do one cold rinse to wash most of the remaining solids out. Add cloth diaper safe detergent and wash on warm with as much water as your machine will allow you. End your wash with a rinse or two to get out any remaining detergent. Hang ...Make your own Cloth Wipes - My Happy Crazy LifeCloth wipes are versatile, gentle on your child, easy to make, and save you money! They can be used for sticky hands and messy faces as well as dirty bottoms, and can be laundered with your cloth diapers or towels. Wet them with plain water or a homemade wipe solution before use.before use.