wet wipes on car paint ideas

Bird poop & baby wipes - Styling and Car Care - BRISKODA- wet wipes on car paint ideas ,11/4/2013·I have Johnson's fragrance free wipes in my car & have used them for years with no issues to remove the bird c**p from my cars. All bird debris will eventually eat into the the top coat of paint work & I have seen it do within 2 days to a panel that it has needed to be painted to repair the damage, generally... the more colour in the poop (usually from berry's) the quicker it will eat into the ...Halfords Paint Preparation Wipes x5 | Halfords UKHalfords Paint Preparation Wipes are water based wipes that can be used prior to applying primer, paint or laqueur. You can also use them on car panels before spray painting, as it completely ensures the surface is free from all traces of dirt, grease and other nasty stuff.