zig posterman wet-wipe markers free

Set of 7 Metallic Zig Postchalk Wet Wipe Chalk Markers- zig posterman wet-wipe markers free ,Identical in every way to the Zig Posterman 6mm wet wipe chalk marker except for the name on the label. Zig Postchalk wet wipe chalk markers are versatile, highly opaque, lightfast & easy to remove. These Wet Wipe Chalk Markers are suitable for many surfaces including blackboards, chalkboards, paper, glass, plastic, metal, wood & stone.Zig Posterman Chalk PensFamous for their Zig Posterman Waterproof chalk pens, they also produce wet wipe chalk markers and have a fluorescent wet wipe range called Illumigraph. Posterman liquid chalk pens come in a wide range of colours and up to 7 sizes.