alcohol content in zeiss lens wipes Customer Questions & Answers- alcohol content in zeiss lens wipes ,**(4/15/2018 UPDATE) - Carl Zeiss has recently changed their Lens Cleaning Wipes formula. The previous Zeiss wipes were pre-moistened with "isopropyl alcohol". The newer version Zeiss wipes have less moisture content, and the packaging lists the following ingredients in descending order of quantity: "Water, isopropyl alcohol, proprietary detergents and preservatives."ZEISS Pre-moistened Lens Wipes - Cleaning SolutionsZEISS Lens Wipes are alcohol-based, and are both ammonia and fragrance-free, so they safely clean your glasses without leaving streaks or residue. Safe to use on all types of lenses ZEISS lens cleaning wipes have been rigorously tested on various lens types and are guaranteed not to scratch.