75 ethyl alcohol wipes safe

50 Wipes 75% Alcohol Disinfecting Disposable- 75 ethyl alcohol wipes safe ,50 pcs 75% Alcohol Wipes Disinfecting Disposable Wipes Features: Material: Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol/Ethyl Naturally degradable materials, safe and non-irritating Does not contain fluorescent agents and preservatives Good sterilization effect, easy to carry75% Alcohol wipes75% alcohol wipes Safety Data Sheet according to Regulation (EU) 2015/830 Ethyl alcohol (64-17-5) Croatia - Occupational Exposure Limits GVI (granična vrijednost izloženosti) (mg/m³) 1900 mg/m³ GVI (granična vrijednost izloženosti) (ppm) 1000 ppm Czech