16x13cm biodegradable face wet wipes for skin care

Best Eco Face Wipes | British Vogue- 16x13cm biodegradable face wet wipes for skin care ,Even biodegradable wipes should be disposed of in the bin instead of flushed away, and biodegradable versions still take time to break down so will cause a build-up if disposed of incorrectly. Wipes made from 100 per cent cotton are both more environmentally friendly (as well as kinder on the skin), so make sure to look out for plastic-free versions when you shop.Wet Wipes - Robinson HealthcareThey are unique because most wet wipes use a low cost and relatively ineffective fluid, whilst these wipes have a highly developed and high specification lotion using premium quality ingredients. These include the herbal extracts of Aloe Vera , Witch Hazel , Chamomile and Lavender plus Panthenol and Betaine for conditioning the skin and additional moisturisers.